Thrive Global Article: Are You Really Busy?

Thrive Global Article: Are You Really Busy?
Do you find yourself busy a lot?
When people ask how you are, is your natural response to say…
“I’m good. Just very busy!”
If you do then today I’m going to invite you to create a reframe in your mind around this surprisingly disempowering statement.
Language Matters

Much of our language comes from belief systems that we hold about how things should be.

One of those beliefs is that we must be busy if we’re doing meaningful, valuable work.

However, a self-defeating phenomenon begins to occur when we say we’re busy. The underlying belief in those words is that we don’t have control over our time.

There’s a sense of helplessness and powerlessness that is implied in the statement.

Have you ever noticed that when someone says they’re busy, they sport a defeated expression on their face? Do they look in charge, in their power, confident?


They look like a victim of their circumstances.

True leaders aren’t helpless, powerless victims. They take full ownership of their choices, their words and their actions.

So today’s invitation is to try out new language around your time choices.
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