A Leader’s Presence is The Loudest Voice in The Room

Mindful leadership can set the tone, define culture and unlock the full potential of teams and organizations

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The Pandemic And Great Resignation Have Shown: Soft Skills Are The New Power Skills

– The rise of anxiety, depression, and increasing stress levels has substantially raised alarms about the importance of emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

– Leaders who possess empathy, emotional awareness and inner-calm are more likely to have happier employees and successful businesses.

– Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, surroundings and actions in the present moment — a skill that many leaders lack but need to develop if they want their companies or employees to succeed.

– Mindful leaders equip their teams to navigate stress, change and looming timelines with intention and ease. They consciously build a culture that fosters collaboration, trust and belonging.

We believe the health of a company is profoundly impacted by the physical, emotional and mental health of the leadership team.

Our work is an invitation for leaders to explore an inside-out model of conscious leadership that develops unshakeable self-awareness, resilience, clarity and empathy as they lead through complex and challenging business environments. When leaders embody mindfulness, they spark a ripple effect that inspires and motivates others through their actions, choices and ultimately, through their presence. Without realizing it, mindful leaders create safe spaces for their teams.


Puja is an articulate, thoughtful, effective guide into a world we can all access — one with less stress, a more present focus, and a calm inner voice.

— Jon Gilson, Director of Sales and Strategy, Hydrow
Client success stories

We were struggling with the everyday stresses of a cyclical business with a lot of change.

Puja’s training provided us with mindfulness tools to bring focus to the present moment. Aside from improved performance, my team members have told me they feel empowered with more tools to stay calm and be happy. They are more present with their spouse and family.

Lindsey Fore, Northeast Area Business Director, Assurex

I appreciated you presenting and sharing your expertise and knowledge at the Summit. Your presentation will positively impact how participants manage their organizations and work to keep Orlando a strong and vibrant city.

– Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

I have been fortunate to bring Puja before two of the organizations with which I have been affiliated. Puja’s breadth and depth of talent and knowledge extends far beyond the “feel good” and much deeper into the neuroscience and practical business applications of mindfulness. Not only does she help her clients understand the science, facts and figures behind her teachings, but she also gives you actionable ways to implement those practices immediately, reaping benefits for business leaders, their organizations and individuals alike.

– Laura Hiselman

I have never encountered a guide and speaker like Puja. As a speaker she doesn’t just share her unique and novel insights and wisdom. She invites her audience to think and perceive themselves and their purpose differently. As a result, she creates instant freedom from performance anxiety and stress.

– Betsy Jordyn

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