I have been fortunate to bring Puja before two of the organizations with which I have been affiliated. The beauty of working with Puja is that she takes the time to dive into your organization and together, you can talk through what you believe are the critical needs and the best manner in which to address them. She provides clear, concise and meaningful instruction in combination with resources for further exploration and development. She is nimble during times of crisis and revises programming to be timely so that it will resonate with her clients.

Puja’s breadth and depth of talent and knowledge extends far beyond the “feel good” and much deeper into the neuroscience and practical business applications of mindfulness. Not only does she help her clients understand the science, facts and figures behind her teachings, but she also gives you actionable ways to implement those practices immediately, reaping benefits for business leaders, their organizations and individuals alike.

There are many “experts” out there who can lead you down a path of enlightenment but Puja Madan is unique in that she weaves neuroscience, behavioral analysis and mindfulness into one beautiful concoction that will not only make you better as a leader or as a team member in your place of business, but also better on a personal level. I highly recommend Puja Madan and assure you that you will find yourself a devotee as well, should you be wise enough to partner with her.

– Laura Hieselman
   Director of Government and Political Affairs

Puja is an articulate, thoughtful, effective guide into a world we can all access — one with less stress, a more present focus, and a calm inner voice. She has the rare quality of serving as a guide rather than a guru, loyal to the end goal of mindfulness rather than the method of achieving it. Puja is a truly bright light.

– Jon Gilson
   Director of Sales and Strategy, Hydrow

In my 25+ years in business, I have never encountered a guide and speaker like Puja. As a speaker she doesn’t just share her unique and novel insights and wisdom. She invites her audience to think and perceive themselves and their purpose differently. As a result, she creates instant freedom from performance anxiety and stress. She extends this value even further as a coach. Her presence and gentle guidance naturally creates the conditions where the normal fears that come up when someone is stepping outside of their comfort zone simply melts away and all that is left is clear vision and the drive to pursue that vision wholeheartedly. If you’re high achiever who knows it’s time embody a larger mission and struggles with the vulnerability that comes along with that – Puja is the one who will help you navigate this transformation.

– Betsy Jordyn

Puja led our conference delegation with a talk on mindful leadership, followed by another day of relaxing mindfulness and mediation techniques. Our attendees were so grateful to learn about the many benefits of mindfulness on leadership and start their day with her calming process. From my personal experience any session with Puja always has me walking away with a complete peace of mind. I would recommend any event to include Puja Madan as a speaker.

– Patty Holland,
    Healthcare Revolution Conference

I’ve worked with Puja a few times over the years. Each time, she has brought new perspective, ideas and tools on how reframing, centering and mindset work can be moved forward. She is a fantastic listener with high empathy and this allows her to really zero in on what might be most effective for the person or group she is interacting with. The importance of getting rid of baggage, staying focused on reality, while simultaneously being positive and creative cannot be overstated – especially for entrepreneurs. I highly recommend Puja for building intentionality, developing leadership, and mindset training.

– Rajiv Menon
    Founder, Informulate

Puja delivered a wonderful training. It was so very authentic and real. I loved it. Thank you. I see real application to corporate wellness improvement through mindfulness.

–Derek Crowther,
  Director of Training, Myriad Genetics

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