I appreciated you presenting and sharing your expertise and knowledge at the summit. Your presentation will positively impact how participants manage their organizations and work to keep Orlando a strong and vibrant city.

– Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer



My passion and expertise is in combining ancient mindfulness practices with practical strategies so executives can embody conscious leadership and experience deeper resilience, productivity and empathy in as they lead through complex and challenging business environments. My presentation style is engaging, thought-provoking and fun. I share unique techniques and practices that are inspiring, actionable and have an immediate impact on executives’ capabilities to show up more fully in their leadership.



Popular Speaking and Training Topics


Available as keynote, workshops and breakout sessions


Anchor, Align, Activate: a mindfulness framework that invites us to lead from the inside-out


A Culture of Win-Win: how mindful communication resolves conflicts and restores trust


#MeToo and Mindfulness: redefining power to cultivate inclusive and safe spaces at work


Intentional Productivity: a radical new approach to mindful time management


Mindful Wonderment: re-aligning with creative flow to spark innovative solutions


The Other is Me:  how mindfulness can make companies truly diverse, inclusive and equitable


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