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I thought the workshop was incredible. I have never done meditation but I have been missing out. I felt much better after the session and am taking it home and will do with my wife. We all have said we have stress, most of us said we felt it in our shoulders which about being providers for our families. It’s nice to have something that we can utilize to help us deal with what has become normal stress. I would recommend at a minimum allowing other regions to implement if not make it national.


I really enjoyed our session with Puja Madan on mindfulness. She gave us the tools to help with work and life stress. We learned how to meditate to relieve the stress. After the session, my shoulders were relaxed and my heartbeat was lowered for hours (per fitbit)


My experience with Puja’s program was extremely rewarding. Finally I have a tool that will help me cope with everyday life situations, both from personal to work. She was right on the money, very insightful. I definitely recommend her.

Guillermo Falcon

Puja hit home on the everyday struggles of life and work. Then she deployed the four exercises and science behind why they work. There was a shift in everyone in the room and in myself that felt more focused and present. This translates to being a better listener, better wife, better salesperson and overall happier.

– Jonathan Sage,

Puja Madan created a meditation & motivation bundle for one of my programs and the participants were blown away by her work. She created custom meditations for each module based on the objectives of that module along with specific motivational affirmations. My students loved her bundle and raved about how well structured it was not to mention her incredibly soothing voice & calming energy. If you have a chance to get some of her magic sprinkled on to your stuff, don’t hesitate for a single minute.

– Bushra Azhar, Founder of The Persuasion Revolution

Meditation has the power to change individuals, groups, environments, and circumstances in powerful ways. Puja Madan is a gifted leader in this ancient practice who has dedicated much of her life to helping individuals find peace and calm within. 


The One Orlando Alliance, in partnership with the City of Orlando, Orange County Government, and Universal Studios, invited Puja to lead a meditation to commemorate the Pulse nightclub shooting. Puja’s loving energy helped to set the pace and tone and her involvement in the event was very well received.She has honed her skills as a teacher and her genuinely compassionate and loving personality makes meditation accessible for folks of all experience levels.

–Jennifer Foster, Executive Director, One Orlando Alliance

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