Puja’s coaching is revolutionary and game changing! My sales results went up about 20% after hiring her and she has fundamentally changed the way I think about my business and helped me navigate the challenges of a very high-stress environment. I was somewhat skeptical of the “mindfulness approach”, but hiring Puja has been unequivocally one of the best business decisions I made for myself with my job, my career as well as my personal life. I am also a better father, husband as a result of her coaching. I got a ROI in her coaching within 3 months!

If you are skeptical about hiring Puja, or have hesitation regarding her coaching approach and style as I did, I can absolutely and categorically say, jump in. You will absolutely get a strong ROI for your company, your team or yourself as an individual. You will start thinking differently, you will become more empathetic, your stress will go down, your mindset will change in a way that is truly special. I would without any hesitation endorse Puja and recommend her to any company big or small.

– Joel Dargan,

To say that our experience with Puja is rewarding would be an understatement.  She has helped us to grow in ways I never imagined possible.  Puja has a gift of adding new light, fresh perspectives, and renewed excitement and joy to what we what my partner and I do, but also to our personal lives.  Puja’s superpower is helping people to identify and realize that one single vexing point that has been elusive or not easily reconciled and then crafting an effective resolution.  I am impressed how she is able to draw concerns out, frame them from a new and illuminating perspective, and then effortlessly help create practical solutions.  

– Dr. Jack Singluff,
    Partner, Grounded with Data

I was very comfortable in my management style prior to working with Puja, but I wanted to improve. Puja was more than able to help me continue to grow, she respectfully challenged me, and my direct reports all noticed a difference. Our sales grew greater than 200% quarter over quarter. If you want to challenge yourself to grow, I couldn’t recommend a better person than Puja to help you.

– Brent Kirk
    Sr. Director, Sales Strategy and Operations

Puja’s counsel and client-centered approach has made me a more powerful and calm leader — while helping me see my own blind spots, strengths, and paths to improvement. I am a better leader, husband, and executive because of our sessions (and I have no plans to stop anytime soon).”

–  Jon Gilson
    Director of Commercial Sales, Hydrow

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