The system of mindful conflict resolution Puja presented was a communication game changer. Her consulting was on-point, enlightening, and outstanding. It helped me come to the conversation table with a clear mind, secure strategy, and open heart for a sensitive conversation with my business partner, so we could arrive at a decision together to make our company shine.
 Puja’s expertise is a no-brainer for any business leader.

– Dr. Joshua Levine
Co-owner / Director at Mobile Bay ABA Autism Center





With 15+ years of experience, our mindfulness programs develop leadership skills to enhance company performance.


Our mindfulness training programs help leaders cultivate the following skills:

Resilience & Agility: mindfulness can teach the mind to manage emotions more effectively and productively. It allows leaders to reset, recharge, and gain a positive perspective.


Vision and Leadership: mindfulness training increases executives’ overall self-confidence and leadership skills like inspiring a shared vision and demonstrating moral intelligence.


Conflict Resolution: mindfulness creates stronger, healthier team-dynamics, a more positive work culture and conscious communication strategies to prevent or address conflict.


Focus and clarity: mindfulness can improve working memory, executive function, and focus. Executives stay on the same tasks longer, make fewer switches and report more work fulfillment.


Creativity & Innovation: the state of relaxation achieved through mindfulness facilitates enhanced creativity, innovative solutions and the ability to look at problems in a fresh light.


Empathy and Compassion: mindfulness reduces perceived threats, resulting in leaders who lead with a calmer, collaborative, compassionate, open-minded and non-judgmental temperament.



Puja is connected to a deep wisdom with a knowledge of business that is practical and effective.  It’s hard to describe the peace she brings to my thinking about my processes.  She is an important guide for leaders trying to make sense of their business, productivity and meaning in their lives.

– Jen Cudmore

Author / Founder Jen Cudmore Alignment


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