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We were struggling with the everyday stresses of a cyclical business with a lot of change. Puja’s training provided us mindfulness tools to bring focus to the present moment. Focus so that work can stay with work and when you’re home you’re home. Aside from improved performance, my team members have told me they feel empowered with more tools to stay calm and be happy. They are more present with their spouse and family.

Lindsey Fore

Southeast Regional Business Manager, Assurex Health

Puja is an articulate, thoughtful, effective guide into a world we can all access — one with less stress, a more present focus, and a calm inner voice. She has the rare quality of serving as a guide rather than a guru, loyal to the end goal of mindfulness rather than the method of achieving it. Puja is a truly bright light.

Jon Gilson

CEO, Whole Life Challenge

Puja is connected to a deep wisdom with a knowledge of business that is practical and effective. It’s hard to describe the peace she brings to my thinking about my processes. If there was one word for it I would say – divine. She is an important guide and coach for leaders and entrepreneurs trying to make sense of their business, productivity and meaning in their lives.

Jen Cudmore

Author & Coach

Our philosophy at the Mindfulness Map is that the health of a company is directly influenced by the physical, emotional and mental health of the leadership team.

The Mindfulness Map’s trainings and consulting services are an invitation for leaders to explore an inside-out model of conscious leadership that develops unshakeable self-awareness, resilience, clarity and empathy as they lead through complex and challenging business environments. The trainings are infused with a range of different mindfulness practices and meditation techniques so these desired qualities aren’t just intellectually processed or externally acquired but instead internalized and absorbed deep into the intellect and intuition of leaders.

When leaders embody mindfulness, they spark a ripple effect that inspires and motivates others through their actions, choices and ultimately, through their presence. Without realizing it, mindful leaders create safe spaces for their teams.

With over 15 years of experience and over 100 mindfulness techniques in our toolbox, our evidence-based mindful leadership framework develops leadership skills to enhance company performance. Here are our primary trainings:

Creating Calm: Managing Power Stress and Developing Resilience

Power stress occurs when leaders are aware of the influence and responsibility of their leadership position and feel additional pressure to make the right decisions for their teams and organization. High levels of power stress reduces empathy, impacts productivity and increases reliance on old patterns of behavior. This stress trickles down to employees, creating a culture devoid of inspiration, clarity and solidarity

To counter power stress, leaders must learn to manage themselves effectively. Mindful leaders inspire loyalty, draw the best out of their subordinates, are excellent communicators. They become in tune with others and have high degrees of emotional intelligence and motivation for power and achievement.

Participants will:

  • Develop self-awareness of how and when key stressors get activated for them
  • Learn how to create new mental maps that reduce stress and improve mental and emotional resilience
  • Practice simple mindfulness techniques that can be done in just a few moments so they can lead with a calm, non-judgmental and collaborative temperament
  • Identify and correct patterns of behavior that are unproductive and unhealthy – within themselves and in their teams

Creating Time: Mindful Productivity

Ambitious team members want to know their work is valuable and impactful. They want to see the connection between their contributions and the company’s business outcomes. They want feedback and opportunities to improve. They crave good mentorship that cultivates their full potential. When leaders are unproductive, they become frazzled and unable to provide proper direction or create an environment of growth.

Mindful leaders understand the value of self-management and mastering their time so they can lead by example and inspire their teams to work with clarity, purpose and higher engagement.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to mindfully align with values and vision to gain crystal clarity about priorities and make better decisions
  • Develop attention training through mindfulness to produce better quality work
  • Explore the three power sources that every leader must master to get things done without burning out
  • Identify a blueprint of productivity so each leader can tap into their own rhythm and flow of productivity and creativity, and help team members do the same

Creating Trust: A Culture of Win-Win

Communication is the thread that allows leaders to create a culture of trust and commitment. A group of bright and diverse thinkers creates a dynamic environment with multiple ideas, goals and views. It is the work of mindful leadership and conscious communication to forge a unified vision everyone feels aligned with.

Poor communication can very easily lead to conflict and mistrust, which is both distracting and costly to organizations. In a 2008 study, U.S. employees spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict. This amounts to approximately $359 billion in paid hours

Participants will:

  • Practice a self-awareness exercise so they can identify what current beliefs are informing their communication style and behavior ?
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to prepare mentally and emotionally for challenging conversations ?while tapping into others’ perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Use an empathy-based framework to communicate consciously, without blame, mistrust or exclusion
  • Develop the confidence to tackle day-to-day as well as difficult conversations that result in deeper trust and a more positive work culture

Creating Inclusion: The Other is Me

Leaders often blame the “pipeline problem” on their lack of inclusion, diversity and gender equity. The real problem, however boils down to implicit or unconscious bias.

Mindfulness techniques have the ability to throw a light on unconscious behaviors and biases in executives and leaders in a gentle, yet powerful way.

This approach an entirely different impact on how leaders view themselves, the world and what are called “out groups”—groups that tend to be, minimized in society. Instead of intellectually processing information and learning right/wrong, politically-correct behavior, mindfulness actually reduces implicit bias, creates fresh new perspectives and enables leaders to rely less on previously established associations to hire, train and promote women and POC.

Participants will:

  • Discover how and when key concepts and biases related to gender, race and power develop
  • Practice a powerful mindfulness technique to release old biases and perceptions and create a new mind-script so participants can see others as equals
  • Learn how to create safe, non-judgmental and supportive spaces for implicit bias to become explicit – whether their own or others
  • Explore the mindful action guide to take these inner shifts into outer practices and policies