Power Stress is Costly. Here’s How Mindfulness Can Help.

March 5

My client Kevin’s stress had only grown since he got promoted to the position of Area Business Manager at his […]

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Speaking: Healthcare Revolution® in Orlando, FL

October 17

Puja will be speaking about mindfulness and leading a meditation on both days of the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® conference at the […]

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Video: 6 Ways Mindfulness Makes Better Leaders

October 15

Can your leadership benefit from mindfulness training? In this short video, I share 6 ways mindfulness can be the hidden […]

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Video: 3 Easy Meditation Techniques for Mindful Leadership

October 5

A regular meditation practice enhances self-awareness, resilience, focus and empathy, while reducing stress and anxiety. It’s a must-have for leaders […]

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Video: Mindful Bookending for Clarity and Focus

October 2

Mindful bookending is a way to begin and end the day with clarity and intention. In this short video, I […]

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Video: Are You Really Busy? Try This Mindful Experiment to Find Out

September 30

Here’s how true leaders can mindfully reframe their choices and take their power back.    

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Radio Interview: Mindfulness and Meditation

September 26

Puja was recently interviewed on WPRK 91. FM radio about the benefits of mindfulness. Link coming soon!

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Mindful Moments: Awareness

September 26

  Being present in the moment, with no thoughts or worries about the past or future, puts us in a […]

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Meditation Event @ Timucua Arts Foundation

September 15

Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress, improve concentration, strengthen the immune system and expand our capacity to feel calm […]

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Thrive Global Article: Permission to Procrastinate (Mindfully)

August 20

There are two kinds of procrastination. One helps the brain come up with creative, innovative solutions. But this type of […]

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